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Houston, Texas Attorney

In 1982 Hector A. Chavana, Esq. began his law practice in Houston’s Northside.  Since then he has continued his practice, and has widened his scope of practice. Hector Chavana Jr., his son, graduated from South Texas College of Law, where earned eleven different legal scholastic awards, and finished number three in his class.

Real Estate Law

Mr. Chavana has had great success representing numerous clients on real estate matters, ranging from buyer’s who were unable to recover deeds after years of payments, to clients who have had their homes sold at action improperly. He has also handled adverse possession matters and partnership disputes in real estate investment companies.

Divorce & Family Law Attorney

Mr. Chavana began practicing family law in 1994, and has walked clients through very difficult moments. He has a proven track record of making the best of turbulent times in their lives.

Personal Injury Lawyer

At the most unexpected times, injuries can be a life changing event.  Houston, Texas attorney Chavana has experience in recovering just settlements and judgments for his clients and making them whole.

Civil Defense and Petitions

In today’s economy, a growing area of the attorney’s practice is recovery of unpaid contracts and defense against such claims. Mr. Chavana has represented many construction contractors in their efforts to recover what is rightfully theirs.

Criminal Law Attorney

Houston Criminal Attorney Chavana has almost thirty years of experience in misdemeanor and felony procedures. He has attended to his clients on both a federal and local level and has practiced in federal courts in many different states.

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